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Company Profile

JYC International, Inc. was founded in the mid 90’s by J.Y. Chung as an import and export company aimed at trading products between the U.S. and the Asian countries. J.Y. Chung is also the founder of Chung’s Gourmet Foods which has manufactured and distributed Asian packaged foods in the U.S. for over 20 years.

Since 2002, JYC International has been distributing frozen Asian appetizers in the USA. The frozen foods have been directly and indirectly distributed to major club wholesale customers, major U.S. grocery chains and the Asian food markets.

The frozen food products distributed JYC International are mainly high quality Spring Rolls, and other Asian appetizer products. JYC International is the exclusive U.S. distributor of such appetizers made by the manufacturer. The manufacturer is ISO9002 and HACCP certified. It also has the hard-to-get certification from Japan Ministry of Agriculture and Aquatics for the Heat-processed Products Containing Artiodactylous Meat. Its food processing facilities including many quick-freeze blast freezers, X-ray QA detectors and insecticide spectral analyzer are all high efficiency modern machinery designed and built in the U.S., Europe or Japan. All food processing facilities and the food processing procedures satisfy or exceed the USDA standards (although the manufacturer is not within the USDA jurisdiction). The manufacturer produces over 10,000 metric-tons of frozen food annually. In addition to exporting its products to the U.S., the manufacturer has been exporting their products to large international companies such as Sumitomo Corp., Marubeni Corp. and Sumikin Bussan Corp. etc. in Japan for the last 20 years.

JYC International is also engaged in manufacturing packaging materials.

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